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You’re one step away from attending the first ever Manchester Swing Festival. Please read the level descriptions below before booking.

STUDENTS, please also read the information at the bottom of this page before booking.


Level Descriptions

To ensure the best learning experience for you and fellow attendees, please read the following descriptions before deciding which stream to book onto:

You are familiar with basic moves and footwork, you want to build confidence and repertoire, and explore how you can be more musical with your dancing. This would be a great choice for a dancer in their first 12-18 months of dancing.

You have attended a few weekend workshops, have confidence in your repertoire of moves, and are keen to expand your knowledge and build on your basic technique. This would be a great choice for a dancer who wants to step out of their comfort zone.

Generally Grey
You regularly attend weekend workshops and may have ventured abroad too. You should be comfortable on the social dance floor at a range of tempos and be able to break down new moves, even if they’re outside of your normal repertoire. This would be a great choice for a dancer who loves to be challenged by new moves and wants to wow the dance floor.
This level may be auditioned.

Chucking it Down
You regularly attend weekend workshops both home and abroad. You should be ready to break down the minutiae and the complex, and be willing to focus on quality and feeling in your dancing. For the dancer who wants to challenge their own movement and explore new approaches to the
familiar. Please be open to having your mind melted if booking onto this stream.
This level may be auditioned

You may have had an introduction to solo jazz, perhaps in a stroll or as part of a lindy hop class. You want to explore what solo dancing has to offer and build confidence in being an individual on the dancefloor. This would be a great choice as your first dedicated solo stream at a weekend festival.

You have done a solo stream before and have confidence in your solo dancing. You are keen to explore rhythm, new movements and develop your individual voice as a dancer. You are excited about the impact that solo can have on your partnered dancing, and the creativity it can unlock. This would be a great choice if you value solo as much as your partnered dancing.


Members of Manchester Swing Dance Society should book direct with the MSDS committee.


A limited number of discounted student tickets are available. You must show valid student ID on arrival. To claim the £30 student discount, please enter the code NUS at checkout. We cannot refund the difference later, sorry.